Tujal and the Wind

Published: 01 December 2013

Tujal dan Angin

An Original Orang Asli Tale by Stephen-John Curtis
Illustrated by Shaq Koyok.

" Tujal loves to go to the jungle but one day, he is chased by the wind and has a special adventure meeting some of the unique animals of the Malaysian jungle ..."

 A4 landscape size, 48+viii pages, Full Colour.

Also available: Children's colouring book to accompany Tujal and the Wind.

sample page spread:


Tujal and the Wind Story Book - RM15.00
Tujal and the Wind Colouring Book - RM4.00
Set of both books: RM17.00

[Price for Orang Asal: RM 10.00 for the story book., or RM12.00 per set.]

The above prices do not include postage and packing.