ORANG ASLI WOMEN AND THE FOREST The Impact of Resource Depletion on Gender Relations among the Semai


Colin Nicholas / Tijah Yok Chopil / Tiah Sabak

131+ xi pages; 55 plates; limp cover. 
6 inches x 9 inches
Published 2003
ISBN: 983-40042-4-9
Price: RM15.00

How did traditional indigenous social systems treat Orang Asli women? 
What is the impact of changes in the availability of forest resources on gender relations? 
How does modern economic development affect Orang Asli women? 
Do indigenous women have specific gender demands?
How are they to achieve them?

Using oral history, current contexts and personal experience, two Orang Asli women researchers relate their situation and express their hopes for redress.

Chapters include:
The Orang Asli
Developing the Orang Asli
Research on Orang Asli Gender Relations
Research Design
The Settlements
Some Semai Concepts
Semai Relations with the Environment
Gender Relations in Early Semai Society
Gender Relations in a Changing Society
Consequences of a Depleting Resource Base
Impact on Gender Relations
Time to Wake Up