More homes lighted

Published: 22 August 2012

During the past few weeks, COAC made visits to several Orang Asli villages for a variety of reasons. For those villages that are outside of the national (electricity) grid, we were able to distribute more of the solar lamps donated by well-wishers via the Project 'Light a Home'. The RM40.00 solar lamps replace the kerosene lamps or pelita that many of the Orang Asli communities still rely on for their night llight.

Some of the communtiies given the solar lamps are: Chewong (Kampung Bayek & Senel in the Krau Wildlife Reserve, Kampung Beranti on the Teris River) Jakun (Kg Batu 10 Gunung Arong, Kahang-Mersing road) Semai (Kampung Simoi Lama, Rakoh and Dayok in Pos Titom) Thank you to all who donated the lamps.