Pakcik Arom leaves us

Published: 23 May 2015

Pakcik Arom has been finally relieved of his earthly pain. He breathed his last at 4.30pm today, according to his son-in-law who came out to make some calls to inform relatives and friends.

His funeral will be at Kampung Pahong (Pos Bihai, Kelantan) tomorrow, Sunday 24 May 2015 at about noon.

Pakcik Arom, aged about 67, retired from the Senoi Praaq (The 'Fighting Aborigines' unit of the then Police Field Force, now called the General Operations Forces, PGA) in or about 2005. Here he was engaged in fighting on the government's side during the so-called Second Emergency (ca 1976-1989).

He soon got involved in the fight to defend the land rights of his people in the wider Gua Musang district, especially against the aggressive and destructive logging happening there, and the taking of their lands for agricultural projects of others.

In 2009, he was among the group of active Orang Asli rights defenders who were working closely with JOAS and COAC to help raise the awareness of the Temiar in Kelantan. Pakcik Arom participated in many fora and workshops, always making his voice and his people's aspirations heard.

He was also rooted in the Temiar culture, being well-versed with the customs and folklore (see for an example) and was also an accomplished traditional 'singer' of sewang songs.

As (JOAS Secretariat Director) Jannie said in a recent message, "He was a respected leader, full of wisdom. May his memory guide our struggle.


COAC | 23 May 2015


Dari FaceBook JOAS:

Pada jam 4.30 petang hari ini, Arom Asir, atau yang lebih dikenali kepada yang mengenalinya sebagai "Pakcik Arom" telah meninggal dunia disebabkan penyakit sakit barah. Arwah merupakan seorang pejuang hebat Orang Asal. Beliau merupakan tok guru dan inspirasi kepada kita. Jenazah Arwah dijangka dikebumikan tengahari besok (24 Mei 2015) di Kampung Pahung, Pos Bihai, Kelantan.