RMK11 projects for Orang Asli shows Najib is not listening

Published: 21 May 2015

The Prime Minister clearly showed that he does not listen to the Orang Asli when he announced the 11th Malaysia Plan yesterday.

The two programmes in the 2016-2020 Plan that involved the Orang Asli that he specifically chose to mention in his speech were those the Orang Asli had rejected or were against.


'Giving' land with a twist

66. Untuk Orang Asli dan Bumiputera di Sabah serta Sarawak, tumpuan akan diberikan kepada pemberian hak milik tanah adat atau NCR bagi menggalakkan pembangunan tanah dengan teknologi moden melalui agensi kerajaan berkaitan.

The process of granting communal and individual land ownership to Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and those living in the rural and remote areas in Sabah and Sarawak will be expedited to enable land utilisation by these households. In order to promote modern land development techniques, the lands will be managed by a government agency.

From current experience, we know that this does not mean 'giving land titles' to the Orang Asli but rather giving shares in the ownership of a land scheme controlled and managed by an outside party. Not unlike what Felda Global Ventures Holding Bhd (FGV) has done for the (former?) Felda land owners.

The Orang Asli have stronbgly objected to this mode of 'giving land titles' and have asked for their lands to be secured as collectively-held communal lands, with the option of the community itself sub-dividing parcels of land within it according to custom.


More dams in Orang Asli areas

127. Selain itu, untuk projek Rancangan Tebatan Banjir atau RTB, antaranya, Kerajaan akan melaksanakan RTB Sungai Kelantan secara bersepadu melalui pembinaan empangan Nenggiri dan Lebir.

Dams will be built on the Nenggiri and Lebir rivers in Kelantan as part of the flood mitigation scheme. The Nengirri valley is the home of the Temiar people while the Batek are among those who will be affected by the Lebir River.

The Orang Asli have protested against the planned construction of these two dams as they affect their customary lands and they will be forced to resettle if the dams are constructed, evenb if their lands will not be inundated.

Furthermore, they contend that the floods in the state of Kelantan are the result of the massive deforestation and destruction of the environment brought about by the government's greed and mismanagement. Change this first, they say.