Photos of the Poachers

Published: 22 April 2015

 We finally received the photos taken by the Jahais of Kampung Selaor in the Temenggor Forest Reserve of the poachers who entered their customary lands to fish and hunt.

The photos were taken on a cheap mobile phone, and in a situation of great danger as the poachers were armed with two shotguns and had threatened them verbally. This in itself is a testament to the culmination of the sheer frustration and anger they experienced at no action being taken against such activities thus far.

The police were informed on Sunday 12 April 2015, the second day of their poaching expedition. The police action netted 4 of the 7 poachers.

Poaching activities in the Jahai's customary lands often result in the reduction, and sometimes, total loss, of their source of subsistence food. This is especially so when the poachers use illegal means such as explosives and electrical-charge to kill the fish indiscriminately. Highly sought-after and priced fish such as the endangered Kelah are killed in the process, including the young fry.

Photos show the poachers totally disregarding the Jahais with arrogant impunity when they (the Jahais) confronted them the first day. The second set show the police arrving to catch them in the act.

CN-COAC | 23 April 2015