People System water filter installed at Kelaik

Published: 07 February 2015

Finally, some safe drinking water for the Temiar community at Kampung Kelaik, Pos Blau. They have been able to install the UFilta R2000 People System water filter unit which was given to them on 22 January. 

The locally-manufactured RM3,500.00 system is capable of removing all water borne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, oocytes) as well as most toxic chemicals. It can deliver 2,000 litres of purified water per day and is supposed to be effective for two years of regular usage.

Water quality had been a concern for this community even prior to the floods. Water from the main river and from the gravity piped water system was not safe for drinking and many villagers were getting ill as a result. Pesticides and fertilizer used in the vegetable farms upstream, in particular, had compromised their drinking water supply. 

After some verbal instrcutions from the supplier and following the simple installation diagrams, the community did not have any problem installing it themselves. However, having existing water tanks and piping from an earlier government-sponsored water purification and supply system did help to make things easier, and also reduce installation costs.

Three more units have been purchased for Kampung Jias A, B and C and are in the process of being installed. These areas require more infrastructure work as the people have relocated to higher ground.

[Photos by Anggah Muda and Colin Nicholas.]

CN-COAC | 7 February 2015


The Kelaik river had been long polluted due to logging and mining activities and the water is unfit for consumption.


A rather expensive water puriication and iodization system had been installed by the government but it has not been operational. It effectively acts as an expensive gravity-feed water supply system.


Mr. Avinash from the manufacturers giving the Temiars a quick rundown on the functioning and installation of the system in January.






The reward: 2,000 litres of safe drinking water each day.