Cut-off Jahai community helped

Published: 04 January 2015

The small Jahai community in Kampung Klab, at the Perak-Kelantan border in the north was reached by Jerry Cheong and his fishing friends from KL on New year's day. The road access to their interior community in the (former PITC concession) had been cut off due to a collapsed logging bridge. 

The community is one that has been objecting to the continuation of logging there, and had been facing strong pressures from loggers and forestry department officers to consent to further logging.

The Jahais had to trek out half way to meet the three 4WDs to get their supplies, which included torchlights and batteries, pots, and a range of food which were donated by Jerry and his friends. The JOAS Flood Relief Fund supplemented with a stock of medicines, ikan bili/ikan masin, 4 rolls of tarpaulins and some cash.

Unfortunately, the neighbouring village of Selaor was not served, and we are working on that.

COAC | 4 January 2015