Formation of the pilot Action Committee for JOAS-Semenanjung

Published: 21 December 2014

JOAS Semenanjung (or Peninsular Malaysia) just wrapped up a meeting between members and other Orang Asli. The one day meeting (but held over two nights) at Dusun Eco Resort in Bentong yesterday, was organised to discuss current issues and to think of solutions, as well as to also the explain JOAS' role as the national network. 

Prevailing issues discussed was on the rampant mining, logging and dam developments. 


From this meeting, a pilot Action Committee was formed with the following elected members: 

Chairman – Zurdi Baharu (Kg Tekir, Negeri Sembilan) 
Vice-chairman– Panjang a/l Pandak-tah (Kg Sg Mahang, Nilai)
Secretary – Faezza binti Panjang (Kg Sg Mahang, Nilai)
Vice-secretary – Tina Esat (Tg Rambai, Selangor)
Treasurer – Jamali bin Ayau (Kg Sugi, Pos Pasik, Kelantan) 
Vice-treasurer – Zaiton binti Anjang (Kg Kuala Wook, Kelantan) 

Committee members (by state): 
Pahang – Bedul bin Chemai (Kg Jemeri) & Peli Usat (Pos Lanai) 
Kelantan – Dendi Johari (Kg Jader, Pos Simpor) & Lina Along (Kg Kuala Wook). 
N. Sembilan – Juli Lancong (Kg Tekir, Negeri Sembilan) 
Selangor – Ida Abul (Tg Rambai, Selangor) 

Apart from the meeting, attendees took the evening off to tackle the challenging Obstacle Course and wrapped up with a swim in the pool.




More photos by Fatienain Ain Jakun, Peramah and Colin Nicholas at this link: Formation of JOAS-Semenanung