Pushing More for the Cenwaey Penaney Learning Center

Published: 04 August 2014

Members of the PushMore Fitness Centre @ CrossFit Malaysia in Tropicana Selatan, PJ collaborated with COAC and the PDK Cenwaey Penaney of Kampung Ulu Tual to raise funds for the latter. 

Participants were required to get their friends and families to pledge a certain amount for every kilogram of deadlift the 'athlete' can lift, and then another amount for each of the number of 'burpees' the participant can do. 

Watch these short clips to see how it was done on that day:http://on.fb.me/1nhJOlS
and http://on.fb.me/1sjI8i9

Five Semai villagers from Kampung Ulu Tual, including the two teachers-in-training, were on hand to put up a small information display and to answer questions. 

From COAC, there was Jenita, Kar Lye, Yein & Sze Ning. Jenita, of course, is also with the PDK Cenwaey Penaney while Sze Ning is also a member of the PushMore gym community (and the main initiator of this fund-raising project). 

Lilian Chen also offered her chiropractor services as part of the fund-raising itinerary.

Total collected in cash, cheque and pledges for the 3-hour event was RM24,105.50.

Thank you to all the athletes for being very generous and supportive.

For pictures of the event go to:http://on.fb.me/1pU29Hg or http://bit.ly/1otg3Dq

CN-COAC | 4 August 2014